Green Committment

The social responsibility actions designed and developed by Costa Rica Deluxe Travel respond to a strong social and environmental commitment.

We always try to encourage the protection and care of the environment, searching for the sustainable use of resources, promoting, with our example, recycling within the community, this in order to achieve an integrated conservation and sustainable economic growth.


General Objective:

Become leaders in the environmental conservation, supporting the government work in this area, joining other companies that have the same intentions.

Specific Objectives:

- Meet, without exception, the national environmental legislation.

- Adopt necessary policies and methods to minimize the effects of any pollution caused by our operations.

- Inform and educate our staff with environmental protection topics, collaborating, in this way, with the public and private organizations involved in this task.

- Promote and verify the application of green practices by our employees.


1. Lightning

We will use, in our facilities, energy saving lamps, these last 10 times longer than traditional lamps. Besides that, we will promote and adapt our workplace to use sunlight as much as possible.

2. Electric appliances

We will make sure that the computers and electronic devices that are not in use will be placed in the energy saving mode, if possible, or turned off during that period.

3. Fax machine replacement

Costa Rica Deluxe Travel will not use a fax machine, it will be replaced by the e-mail.

4. Think before you print

We will print only when necessary and if it is so it will be on both sides of the paper. Based on research made by Hewlett-Packard, you can save at least 25% when printing documents on both sides of the paper.

5. Sustainable purchases

When we acquire the necessary goods for the company, including office supplies and traveling materials, we will always prefer sustainable options, when those are available. 

6. Recycling

Costa Rica Deluxe Travel will recycle all of the wastes that qualify for this process. Besides collecting and delivering the weekly waste; we will encourage our personal and customers to recycle by having specific wastebaskets, made for this purpose, in our facilities and in each vehicle that we use.

7. Specialized Vehicle Maintenance

We will give specialized and detailed mechanical maintenance to our units hoping to cause the least amount of environmental harm while operating.
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