Accessible transportation

With us nothing is a limit,  any age, condition or destiny is great to travel with us. We will be there to serve you, where, when and how you need it.

Our fleet and crew is fully equipped and prepared to give everybody one spectacular experience, even to those with any physical disability or special cares needed.

In Costa Rica Deluxe Travel we believe that all transportation service must guarantee that can be used by anyone, regardless of its physical or mental status, always with adequate conditions of safety, comfort and efficiency.

Our company understands and seeks the integral accessibility based on three basics of human activity, mobility, communication and understanding.

It is not enough to have an accessible fleet, it must be complemented with specific guidelines and appropriate behavior towards the user, and especially toward people with disabilities.

Our ultimate goal is that people with disabilities have the necessary tools to execute their transportation right. For us it is a must to fulfill that right.  That is why we consider necessary to design a specific transportation environment that will ensure security and reliability when traveling.


General Objective:

Allow people with disabilities to execute their right to use in a satisfactory way our transportation service.

Specific Objectives:

  1. Achieve an adequate level of conscience among all employees of the company  so they can observe the accessibility of the service as a right for people with disabilities and one of our main duties.

  2. Provide the necessary training to company employees to correctly respond to the needs of  people with disabilities.

  3. Establish the necessary protocols to determine the obligations of each one involved in the accessibility for people with disabilities.

  4. Collaborate to fulfill, on all aspects, the existing regulations related to accessibility for people with disabilities and the proper development of the transportation service.

  5. Promote the association, in all cases, of the accessibility concept with the enhancement of the quality of service.
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