About Us

Costa Rica Deluxe Travel was created to offer a different option to the traveler in which his or her desires and needs will be prioritized, in order to deliver an ideal service to every one of our passengers.

Due to our continuous development efforts, we offer constant innovation and special services that are unique in the national tourist and executive transportation industry.

We have a serious environmental commitment and to enforce that we have designed specific programs like CRDT (Costa Rica Deluxe Travel) Green, with clear goals and steps in which we base our daily work, seeking a healthy relationship with nature and a sustainable development.

Also, with the clear objective of fulfilling a right and look forward to giving equal opportunities, we are accessible transportation too, providing a comfortable, efficient and enjoyable accessible trip environment for people with disabilities. For this matter we also have a specific program, CRDT Accessible, which helps us create and maintain an accessible organizational culture and extend it to society.

We invite you to explore this site to learn more about us and the multiple advantages that we offer as a company.

U.S and Canada: (980) 216 1410
E-mail: info@costaricadeluxetravel.com
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